This is brought to you by HOUSE OF UPBEAT. Your application as a Guest writer allows you to write anything of your choice as far as it doesn’t have political /cultural sentiments. Your write ups describe your area of interest or niche, be it poetry, an article, motivational work, Health, etc. Express yourself freely and… Continue reading GUEST WRITERS INFO


5 simple ways to master the Art of Self Discovery.

... BEGINNING- The dreamy days I came across a note book that seemed so familiar. Quickly, I went through it and by the time I was at the last pages, I was smiling widely and giggling. Here is what I saw in that old book of about 4years: For my school— Lord, decide the course… Continue reading 5 simple ways to master the Art of Self Discovery.


Basic understanding on the Concept of Budgeting

BUDGETING- Part 1 Budgeting is simply creating a plan to spend money. This plan allows you to know if you have enough money to do what you like to do or need to do.It is also balancing your expenses with your incomes. This is a collection of thoughts from the HOUSE OF UPBEAT HUB on… Continue reading Basic understanding on the Concept of Budgeting


…BECOMING- The birth of the Journey.

Growing up, there was a lively child, ... shy sometimes, bold at times. More like an introverted-extrovert. Lol. Introvert as a primary temperament and extroverted while around people she was comfortable with. My primary temperament made me a deep thinker and at age 2, I could say things that made adults wonder. By age 6,… Continue reading …BECOMING- The birth of the Journey.


Incredible You- Chapter 1

LET’S GET STARTED!!! First thing First;  Discover yourself!!!... Life is a gift, but to revel in it, you must be ready to put a lot into nurturing yourself/being and skills. Start early, start now. Learn to practice in order to master your skills (both weakness and strength). Never.Ever.Stop.Focusing , whether in good or bad times.… Continue reading Incredible You- Chapter 1